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If you love dogs and love to travel, you're in the right place! was built with a passion for both.

We partnered with to create a free and easy way for travelers to help dogs with every hotel night they book.

Pet shelters like Austin Pets Alive are overrun with dogs in need of love. Every extra dollar they get goes a long way to helping those dogs.

So team up with IzzyStays and and together we'll help shelters give rescues the love they deserve.

Our Story

Four years ago my wife convinced me to foster a 15 year-old dog from the pound. Three months later I convinced her we should adopt Izzy.


When the pandemic hit and life got a lot tougher, Izzy was always there wagging. When my wife worked in the shelter industry, which is some of the toughest work, Izzy was her Xanax.


We were so lucky to have adopted Izzy.


But the reality is that Izzy was lucky to be adopted. So many dogs aren't.


The shelter system is overburdened and underfunded. Every day across the country, good dogs are euthanized because shelters don't have the resources to find them homes.


Let's work together to get shelters the funds they need. One click goes a long way.


Your Impact is brand new! We'll be reporting progress here each month so you know how many extra treats, how many extra foster placements, and how many extra adoptions have happened because of the IzzyStays community.

Help build the IzzyStays community by following us on Instagram and sharing with your family and friends.

And remember to click "Book Now! Help Dogs!" before you book your next hotel!

One free click = lots of dog treats (and even more wags)

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